Mismatch Torque Ring

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These mismatched Torque rings are adjustable to one size either side of the listed sizes. If you put them on at 90 degrees from vertical it should allow to easily go over swollen knuckles. 

Ring 1 - Size N (m,n,o) - Apatite Crystal Doublet and Flourite

Ring 2 - Size N (m,n,o) - Carnelian and Amethyst

Ring 3 - Size P (o,p,q) - Sapphire and Ruby

Ring 4 - Size P (o,p,q) - Labradorite and Golden Rutilated Quartz

Ring 5 - Size R (q,r,s) - Chrysoprase and Labradorite

Ring 6 - Size R (q,r,s) - Tanzanite and Labradorite 

Ring 7 - Size R (q,r,s) -  Chrysoprase and Labradorite

If you are unsure of your ring size - download an app called Ring Sizer JW and measure the inside of an existing ring you have.