About me

Hi I'm Lottie, retired photographer, designer, dog lover, plant keeper, crafter, baker, and now silversmith. I'm passionate about making beautiful things. I have always loved silver jewellery and decided to make a few rings for myself and it just snowballed from there. This was always a retirement plan for when I got too old and creaky to shoot weddings, but covid put a stop to the day job and I've been making silver jewellery ever since.

Made with LOVE in Lancashire started out as a portal for me to sell the things I made, celebrating British raw materials being made with LOVE into something special in Lancashire. Being a proud Lancastrian, and proud Brit, not happy the fact that most of our clothes/homewares/decor is made in some far off land, when only a couple of decades ago we were pretty much self sufficient. I wanted to stay true to our raw materials and create something beautiful for other people to buy. I fell into silversmithing by accident, just playing with some copper for a door wreath for Christmas that I was working on. Copper was really easy to manipulate so I bought some silver wire and the rest is history.

Silver is beautiful to work with and very versatile and recently I have combined my magpie tendancies with silver and occasionally gold and added gemstones from ethically sourced mines all over the world but the majority from India and the USA. I have also produced jewellery using beach combed items from this country, mainly sea glass and pebbles. All the metal I use is recycled and all my packaging is recycled or up cycled. 

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Thank you for passing by


Lottie x